Posted by B.Hall on 25th Mar 2022

What is a Garment Bag?

Garment bag, garment cover, suit bag, whatever you want to call it, it's quite possible that a garment bag is the most overlooked travel item out there today. Maybe you remember hearing your grandfather talk about his business journeys and how he only used a travel suiter to get to his meetings. With the influx of trendy rolling luggage, garment bags have taken a back seat over the past few years. So why should you consider using one?

Garment bags are usually made of a flexible material that can be used for transporting suits, jackets, cocktail dresses, gowns, and basically any item you have in your closet. Forget folding, rolling, or whatever method you use to meticulously pack your luggage without getting everything wrinkled. A garment bag allows you to pack all your hanging clothes right from closet to travel bag! They come in different sizes depending on the length of clothing you are packing, and can usually be folded in half, or trifold, for easy carrying, keeping clothes neat and wrinkle-free! They even protect clothing from dust, dirt, smells, and sun damage. 

The best part ... garment bags are excellent companion pieces for air travel, since they easily fit in the overhead compartment for most airlines. Plus, they take up so little space that packing your car trunk for a road trip has never been more effortless. Not enough room in the back of your SUV for that piece of luggage you just bought? No worries! Pack a garment bag and you've got more than double your space. Seriously, what's not to love? You can even personalize a garment bag with embroidery for that special touch, or so your significant other doesn't try to snag your bag for their own. 

So what are you waiting for? Make your fellow travelers jealous! Buy that garment bag and travel to your heart's content.