About Us

WallyBags® is a leading brand of specialty garment bags with a national presence. From our invention of the patented WallyLock® hanger clamp, to our extensive assortment of garment bags, we continue a long history of excellence through our commitment to quality and service to our customers. We are proud to have enabled hundreds of thousands of travelers to arrive at their destinations looking fabulous with neat and wrinkle-free clothes.

Our Products
Garment bags, garment covers, travel bags…whatever you call it, that’s what we do! We offer a variety of lengths and designs for all sizes of casual clothing and formal wear, simple to full featured for all types of travel and budgets, for all the ways you dress and any way you get there.

Our Fabrics
We use carefully crafted fabrics made to custom specifications, tested for strength and durability, and always water repellent. So you can rest assured, your clothes are protected during travel and storage.

Our Community
Located in Westminster, MD just outside the Baltimore metropolitan area, we strive to be a leader in our community including our ongoing corporate responsibility initiatives and outreach.

Our Retail Partners
We have many great retail partners across the country. Authorized retailers carry different selections and can help you find the style to best fit your travel needs.